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My books and courses are designed to help you walk down the path of self-love.

For years in the personal development community these messages have been replayed over and over:
“Love Yourself.” and “You can’t fully love someone else until you love yourself.”

But what is self-love? Why is this concept of self-love so hard for our minds to fully understand?
Self-love is almost like an invisible energy that seems to dissolve negativity and hurt the more you play with it.

So you might be asking, Vanessa, what does this all mean?

Why should I care? What can self-love do for me and my life?

The core of emotional healing is similar to when you change your diet, from tacos and burgers to salads and whole grains. The food seems to digest better and you tend to lose weight from your body when eating healthier and more wholesome foods that are closer to their natural, earthly states.

The more you’re able to focus on emotions, feelings, and thoughts that move you forward in life, the quicker you’re able to get what you truly desire – your dream life state. 


The place to start is through self-love.

The more you focus on coming from this place of self-love, it builds up inside of you like the healthful whole foods in your body, and your mind responds to the cumulative effect. You get stronger, you become empowered and you move even further away from the negativity and pain from the past.

At your very core, you are LOVE. It’s just that many life experiences have a negative effect on you, and your love gets clouded over. It’s like you forget love is there.

But love is always there. It’s always available to you, and it always has been. 

Throughout my life, I’ve learned that the more loving I am toward myself, the more loving I am with others. This happens because LOVE is our natural state of being. The more we allow it to come out, the more it presents itself. When we love ourselves, we love others. When we love others, we love ourselves.
The process begins with retraining your subconscious mind and starting to have behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that stem from love.

And what is love? Love is more kindness, patience, and empathy, but love is also very miraculous. And to me anything is possible in the space of love versus having my life be run from thoughts of fear. Because when we can redirect our thoughts, it opens up all this room for creativity and attracting positive, inspired energy into our lives.


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