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Congratulations to Vanessa Standard for her #1 International Bestseller, Self-Love Is Free!

Vanessa Standard, M.A has been inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization for her #1 International bestseller, Self-Love is Free: Create Harmony Within by Accessing the Love You Already Have Inside.

About Vanessa Standard-Bestselling Author

As a young girl, Vanessa Standard learned that hard work, commitment and dedication were the keys to moving out of poverty and into the life she really wanted. At the age of ten, in order to buy herself necessities like clothing and food, she became the neighborhood entrepreneur, selling greeting cards and candy, mowing lawns, walking dogs, washing cars, cleaning houses, and caring for neighborhood children.

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Throughout my life, I’ve learned that the more loving I am toward myself, the more loving I am with others. This happens because LOVE is our natural state of being. The more we allow it to come out, the more it presents itself. When we love ourselves, we love others. When we love others, we love ourselves. We are mirrors and reflections of one another.

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Vanessa is a life coach and a teacher with a strong focus on love and healing in everything she does. With her literary work, she helps people develop a clear concept of what love is and how things like healing, body positivity, and growth all correlate with self-love.

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Self-Love is Free: Create Harmony Within by Accessing the Love You Already Have Inside offers essential advice on what self-love is and why it’s important. The book helps you understand the omnipresence of love. According to the author, every person holds an innate reservoir of love inside themself. While you may lose the connection with your inner love due to negative life experiences, regaining that access is possible.



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