Self-Love Face Method

Healthy Skin. More Confidence. Better Relationships.

Do you struggle to have healthy skin, more confidence and better relationships?


You feel like you lack self-confidence when you look in the mirror


You wished you loved your face more, and had healthier looking skin


You keep getting stuck in self-doubt & judgment, and your tired of it


You struggle to see yourself as "beautiful" or experience yourself as "enough"


You want better relationships with others, and with yourself


You feel frustrated in your life and/or your relationships, and you're ready for a positive shift!

It’s time for Self-Love Face Method!




In the Self-Love Face Gym™ Program you will learn how to gain confidence, love your face more, and improve your relationships!

I’m Vanessa Standard and for years I struggled with poor self-confidence. I hated the way I looked, and suffered in most of my relationships. It was no fun! But over time, I learned how to shift my struggle into a life of fun and joy!  You can, too.

Learn Facial Gua Sha, Face Yoga, Laughter Therapy and Self Love to improve yourself, and your relationships!

Healthy Skin. More Confidence. Better Relationships.

Self-Love Face Method

Facial Gua-Sha + Face-Yoga + Laughter Therapy Equals Self-Love, Success, and Better Relationships.

In this course you will learn the amazing benefits of Facial Gua-Sha, Face-Yoga , Laughter Therapy and Self-Love. These modalities contribute to a better, more fulfilling life.

I’m Vanessa Standard and I am professionally trained in Facial Gua-Sha,  Face-Yoga, and Laughter Therapy.  I have  a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, which is all about self-love. I have over 500-Hours of yoga teacher training and I am a certified in life coach. I also wrote a #1 Best Selling book, Self-Love Is Free.

I help you feel beautiful and loved. It all starts within. When you can learn to love yourself – it becomes so much easier to love others! Hence, you have better relationships!

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